What we believe

The purpose of this website is to provide evidence to back up our belief that the Bible is divinely inspired and inerrant in its original manuscripts.

We believe in one God–Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, died for our sins and was resurrected from the dead.   As stated in Romans 10:9-10, James 2:14-24, and Luke 10:25-28, we believe that salvation comes through saving faith—belief in Christ and love of God and others.  We believe as predicted in Mark 14:61-62, John 21:22-23, Matthew 16:27-28, Matthew 24 and Mark 8:38-9:1 that Jesus did come on the clouds in his generation as he promised and that this coming was more than just apocalyptic rhetoric.  We believe that Jesus came visibly on the clouds in judgment at the start of the Jewish War as suggested in Josephus The Wars of the Jews 6.5.3 and Tacitus The Histories 5.13.  See Historical Evidence that Jesus, the Son of Man, was LITERALLY SEEN in the Clouds in the First Century.  We believe that natural and supernatural events found in Roman historical records confirm that EVERY end time prophecy was fulfilled in and around the time of Israel’s war with Rome in the first century.  We believe that Jesus Christ, is seated at the right hand of the Father where he rules the world from a heavenly throne.  We believe that this is the Messianic Kingdom.   We believe in a literal thousand year reign denoting the thousand years in which Israel grew to become an almost exclusively Christian nation between the Jewish War and the Crusades.   We believe that the end of the age mirrors the beginning and that this implies that the earth is very old.