Does the Bible Teach that Homosexuality is a Sin?

Homosexuality and the Bible

Yes.  The Bible does suggest that homosexuality is a sin.  But the Bible also says that drinking blood and eating lizards are sins.1  In Matthew 5:17, Jesus declares, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.”  Much, if not all, of the Law of Moses is a celebration of the natural order of the cosmos.  These laws and ceremonies are meant to prophetically symbolize the story of the Messiah, the sacred king.  The most obvious example of this fact is the custom of the daily sacrifice.  Here an unblemished lamb is sacrificed as a sin offering.  This custom prophetically points to Jesus’ sinless life and his sacrificial death for the sins of his people.  In this context, homosexuality is a sin.

The Bible says that Homosexuality is a Sin: Why is doing what seems Natural a Sin?

But why would indulging in what would seem natural to a fairly small percentage of the population be a sin?  In the same way that indulging in greed, theft, drunkenness, adultery, and fornication are also sins.   Most sins are natural human inclinations, at least to a small percentage of people.  There are even people who admit to having an almost irresistible compulsion to murder.  All people struggle with their own unique set of vices.  It is human nature to sin.  Homosexuality is one particularly challenging example of a natural human impulse shared by a small subset of men and a somewhat larger subset of women.

The Bible says that Homosexuality is a Sin: Ascension through Mastering your Appetites

According to Hinduism, a major purpose in life is to learn to control your appetites.  By acquiring complete control over their desires, ancient Hindu sages expected to gain great power in this life and the next.  Living a life free of sin is about learning to control your urges.  An extreme example is Jesus Christ who according to the New Testament controlled his appetite for sin so well that he lived a sinless life.  His life of self-sacrifice qualified him to once more inherit the Father’s kingdom after having emptied himself of his previous power in order to become a sacrifice for sin.2  Homosexuals struggle with a uniquely challenging example of an appetite that must be adequately controlled in order to qualify for ascension to higher vibratory zones in the afterlife.  Though I believe that the unrepentant homosexual need not worry about eternal punishment because hell is not eternal, failure to sufficiently master this desire may hinder access to certain heavenly zones.  See Is Hell Eternal? 

The Bible says that Homosexuality is Wrong: Did God make a Mistake?

Does this mean that God made a mistake when he created people attracted to the same sex?  No.  Did God make a mistake when he made children born with mental illnesses or born hermaphroditic?  Many people who have had revelatory near-death experiences testify that each individual chooses their own strengths, weaknesses and general path in life before they are born.  The goal is to design a life uniquely tailored to facilitate the next step in spiritual development.  People who have been born with strong homosexual tendencies may have chosen or been given this path in order to learn to master their sexual appetite in order to move on to the next stage of their spiritual development. 

Does the Bible Teach that Homosexuality is a Sin?

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