Preterism fixes all the Scientific and Cosmological problems in the Bible.

A rigidly literal interpretation of the Bible presents many scientific and cosmological problems which I shall not enumerate here as they are well-known.  Is the Bible an erroneous document not worth serious faith and study or is this rigidly literal interpretation of the Bible erroneous?  Preterism can now confidently discern the meaning of the Book of Revelation and it is clear that the text is a symbolic series of prophecies which to those living in the twentieth century is our history, their future allegorized. It is clear based on the fact that donkeys and snakes talk and that there are giants in the Bible, that the Bible’s then history is just as equally allegorized. Both history and prophecy are allegorized and thus symbolic and thus largely non-literal in the Bible. And if this is true, why would God bother to correct scientific information in the Bible if in the same breath people are said to be vines or lions or sheep?  The Bible is poetry and is thus very symbolic, people are not literally grass or vines or lions so why would the Bible correct its cosmology?  It would not.  The Bible is poetry and literature, not a newspaper or scientific text book. If the Bible does not record its history strictly literally, why would it record its cosmology in this way?  The Bible is sacred poetry, it would not.