The Flight and Return of the Christians, like the Exile and Return of the Jews from Babylon, is an Earthly Reflection of the Resurrection.

I believe the departure and return of the Christians who fled to Pella, like the exile and return of the Jews from Babylon, is also a mundane reflection of the resurrection of the dead.  This connection is implied in Ezekiel 37.  Here Ezekiel sees a valley of scattered bones take on flesh and come to life as a sign that the Jews were going to return from exile in Babylon.   I believe the return of the Jews from exile is an earthly symbol of the resurrection.

A Multitude of Spirits were Seen Rising out of the Earth at the Sound of a Trumpet in A.D. 66. 

Just as the return of the Jews from exile in Babylon was symbolized by the resurrection of the dead, I believe the departure of the Jewish Christians from Jerusalem at the start of the Jewish War and their return is also a symbol or mundane reflection of the resurrection of the dead.  This is evidenced by the fact that both the resurrection of the dead and the Christian flight from and return to Israel may have transpired simultaneously.[1]  When the Jewish revolt began, Nero was in Greece building a canal.  Concerning the construction of this waterway, Cassius Dio writes, “[W]hen the first workers touched the earth, blood spouted from it, groans and bellowings were heard, and many phantoms appeared.  Nero himself thereupon grasped a mattock and by throwing up some of the soil fairly compelled the rest to imitate him.”[2]  In recording this event, Suetonius indicates that as Nero broke the ground the sound of a trumpet was heard.[3]  The fact that a trumpet was heard at the time in which the dead appear to have been raised clearly fulfills 1 Corinthians 15:52: “For the trumpet will sound, [and] the dead will be raised imperishable . . .”  For a detailed explanation of how this event literally fulfills all Biblical expectations concerning the resurrection see the following articles: The Notion that the Resurrection is an Earthly Phenomenon whereby the Dead are raised as Perfected, Eternal Earthly Bodies is dispelled by 1 Corinthians 15:35-50 and Isaiah 65:20How the Resurrection Bodies of the Saints Perfectly Mirror Jesus’ Resurrection Body after His Ascension Into Heaven Fulfilling Philippians 3:20-21 and ALL Other Bible Verses on the Resurrection!!!, and Understanding the Garden of Eden and the Fall from an Old Earth Perspective.  The above links discuss how the resurrection is a mirror opposite of the fall and how the Bible teaches that the resurrection of the saints is a resurrection of perfected heavenly bodies.

As is implied in Revelation 15:8, I believe these spiritual beings witnessed at the Corinth Canal do not finally enter heaven until the seven plagues were fulfilled.  I believe these spirits raised at the beginning of the Jewish War were brought to a safe place away from Satan for 1260 days, the period between the arrival of the Roman army during the month of Tishri in A.D. 66 until Passover of A.D. 70 when Titus began his siege of Jerusalem during the seventh trumpet.

Revelation 12:6 Preterist Commentary resurrection

Ricci, Sebastiano. The Resurrection. 1715-16.

The Spirits Resurrected in A.D. 66 were Kept Safe for 1,260 days Until the Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet in A.D. 70.

At the sounding of the seventh trumpet, which would have been blown by the Roman army at the start of the siege of Jerusalem, a boulder launched by a Roman catapult killed Jesus son of Ananus, the two witnesses.  See Revelation 11: A Preterist Commentary–Who are the Two Witnesses?  In fulfillment of Revelation 11:7-11, I believe Jesus rose from the dead leading the rest of the departed saints to heaven at the completion of the seventh plague.  Therefore as is the case in Ezekiel 37, in which the return of the Jews from Babylon is an earthly metaphor of the resurrection of the dead, the Christian flight from and return to Israel is similarly related to the roughly concurrent resurrection.

Revelation 12:6 preterism Jewish War

The Jewish War. Hayez, Francesco. The Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem. 1867. Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Venice.

[1] Though the resurrection may have occurred at the seventh trumpet, there appears to have been a trumpet blast even after the seventh trumpet.  According to Cassius Dio a miraculous trumpet blast was heard around the time of the death of the beast during what appears to be the resurrection of spiritual bodies out of the earth.  See The Historical Appearance of Christ at the Death of the Beast Fulfills 2 Thessalonians 2:8 and Revelation 19:19-20.  Did the Christian refugees from Pella return to Jerusalem around the time of this resurrection of A.D. 79?

[2] Cassius Dio Roman History 63.16.

[3] Suetonius Lives of the Twelve Caesars 6.19.

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