If the 1000 Year Reign is in the Past, is all hope lost?

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    The following point was made by J. Thomas in the comments section in the contact us page. I have moved our discussion here. The following has been stated by J. Thomas:

    Also, in a comment above you [Daniel Morais] wrote:

    “Because I do not see any prophecies that have not been already fulfilled I do not see any evidence in the Bible to support future fulfillment to any end time predictions. That being said their are preterists called partial preterists who do believe that the events that fulfilled end time prophecies around the time of the Jewish Roman war were a type for the ultimate fulfillment of these prophecies again in the future. I find this view hard to accept since there were time constraints placed on these prophecies that seem to preclude any later fulfillment 2000+ years in the future.”

    The thousand years of Rev 20 obviously qualifies as a good evidence for orthodox (partial) preterism. As you know, in the OT, a thousand usually just means a very long time. And so then, it makes perfect sense for partial preterism to be true. Everything before the thousand years was fulfilled by AD 70, and everything after (including the time when there will be “no more death or mourning or crying or pain”) is still yet in our future.

    For full preterists to say that we now occupy the time when there is “no more death or mourning or crying or pain” is absolutely ridiculous. It obviously means the eradication of sin and evil, and if you think we are living in that time, with due respect, you must live in a hole in the ground.

    You’re taking these discoveries beyond what they’re warranted.

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