Preterism solves central problems of Christianity!

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    You show that Preterism solves many central problems of Christianity!
    First of all it seems to me that Preterism shows a Jesus that is not lying or misleading his followers about his return. This has been a central point against Christianity. Second it shows a peacefull, compassionate Jesus that didn´t come to judge or even wanted to judge: He cried over Jerusalem, because the city forced him to come back with power to end the old covenant. He wanted to save them all, the woes were woes of grief! Third, one bad fruit of Christianity in history was the bad thinking about the jews: This were the people that God will punish very hard in the future. Hitler and the Nazis basically said, we just fullfill the will of God now. But according to Preterism they are the descendents of the jews that God let survive in AD 70, because they were not strictly against the reign of Jesus!

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